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Welcome to the Berkeley Speakout blog! Please contribute to the blog by adding your comments to any Recent Posts (listed to the right).

While we can not verify that you are indeed who you say you are, we strongly recommend that you use your real name. If you are not willing to do so, you probably shouldn’t bother (and we’d suggest that you ask yourself what you are afrad of and why).

Your letters are welcome–if you would like to post letters you sent or plan to send to any City officials for comment/feedback from bloggers who visit this site, please email them to submit@citizenspeakout.org

You can also start new discussion topics related to city governance by sending your postings to us at the same email address above. We will post and notify you as soon as possible.  

Please feel free to contact us  with questions at info@citizenspeakout.org

We want transparency

We want accountability

We want Berkeley citizens to raise issues by writing letters

– so they become part of the public record