Sunshine Ordinance

So, we ask, what can the citizens do?

For starters, everyone should sign the Berkeley Sunshine Ordinance petition to support open government, so we will have access to public records, etc.  Find out more at

I believe Measure E is a perfect example of why Berkeley needs Sunshine:
(See Measure E posting) If EDI was not instructed to cooperate with the City to provide a “smooth transition to CIL”, the community would have never known about the recommendation, and would have never had a chance to voice their concern. The Council would have voted to award CIL the emergency services contract on June 1st based on the City Manager’s recommendation–because they would not have received information before the meeting to learn what the contract is about and why the recommendation–and would have assumed (as the Mayor and the City Manager did) that the disability community would be very happy with the decision, when, in fact, every person who knows CIL’s “track record” and understands emergency services immediately feared “the days of 911 calls”!

Do you have other examples that illustrate why we need the ordinance?

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