Measure E Contract Selection Process

I am posting my letters to the City of Berkeley regarding its RFP process in selecting a contractor for voter mandated Emergency Services for Residents with Severe Physical Disabilities (Measure E). I hope that community members will weigh in with their comments, as the contract has not yet been awarded. (Please click on the link to see my letters.)

The City of Berkeley does not have policies to guide its RFP process to prevent decisions based on political biases or mis- or lack of information, and it has “purposely” decided to use easily manipulated processes with subjective, unpublished criteria. As I asked in my initial letter to the City: How can the citizens of Berkeley feel confident that the City is acting as a responsible steward of our public dollars, if its RFP process appears to have become part of a political process?

In my response to the City’s replyI asked:

  • Is the decision-making process and the decision itself made in the interest of the community members who use the services?
  • If the City has the community’s best interest at heart, how does it obtain adequate input to understand the impact of its decisions, and ensure that contract awards are unbiased and not politically motivated?
  • Why is City staff, instead of supporting the City Council to make informed decisions, carrying out one man’s directive, while the citizens are told “the last thing you want to do is to upset the City Manager”?
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